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How To Handle OSHA Inspections

OSHA inspection tips for businesses.

1. When an inspector knocks on the door, you can deny entry but it is not a good idea. The inspector can and will get a warrant and re-visit your facility with an agenda in mind. Remember, they are only human!

2. Please be courteous and do not stall. Do not keep an inspector waiting for a long period of time. Do not be overly friendly or upset, keep a good business face.

3. If the visit is a “complaint based” inspection, do not ask for the employee name. Do not take any retaliatory action against any suspected employee and/or group.

4. Companies are often cited for violations based on information they volunteered and information not requested by the inspector. This also applies to documentation. Don’t be evasive, but do not provide more than requested unless your certain that it helps your case.

5. Don’t try to rush the inspector through the facility. This lends to their thought process that you are trying to hide something. This will result in more vigilant questioning and prolong the process.

6. Fines will arrive with the citation. There is a period of time to contest the fines. You will be required to visit a local OSHA office to state your case.

7. A large percentage of fines are reduced and/or vacated as OSHA’s main concern is the violations are properly addressed. Ask for an informal conference to discuss fines and to extend abatement dates.

8. The OSHA 300 log serves as a road map for the inspector. It tells the inspector what problems may exist and what standards may have been violated. Be pro-active in investigating injuries and taking appropriate corrective action.