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Columbia Safeguard: Small Business Solutions Suite

We’ve created a brand new product that will allow you to better serve your small business client’s needs, and we call it Columbia Safeguard Businessowners. It’s the newest addition to our comprehensive commercial insurance products and a valuable insurance option you can offer your small business clients.

Columbia Safeguard is available for small business policies effective April 1, 2018 and later. When quoting new business you can use the existing system for business effective up to the April 1 date; however, if you are working on a client’s account that is effective after April 1, the TouchPoint System can help you quote the Columbia Safeguard product along with Worker’s Compensation and Umbrella to round out the account.

Columbia Safeguard includes many features and details you’ve asked us for. For example, Premiers may be added at the location level through our TouchPoint System, as opposed to just adding one Premier type (i.e. the Restaurant Premier) to a policy.

Keep your client’s interests secure with Columbia Safeguard, the newest solution to small business insurance protection.