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Slip & Fall Prevention

Commercial or small businesses should understand the risks should a slip-and-fall incident occurs on their property, as well as how to prevent them.

The best way to prevent injuries from falls is teamwork. Design your slip-prevention plan to include the following components, and get everyone on board:

  • Spill clean up
  • Proper floor maintenance procedures
  • Proper shoes for employees
  • Floor inspections
  • Proper use of mats and rugs
  • Proper accident response guide.

First, use regular paper towels to wipe up the spill, and follow with hot water and a mop. If you are cleaning tile, rub an abrasive cleanser into the tile and follow with hot water and a mop.

  • Shoes – Stay safe at work with anti-slip shoes. Did you know the most athletic type tennis shoes do not have the anti-slip tread you need when working around water and grease? Expensive basketball or other sports shoes do not work well at work. Wear shoes with slip-resistant soles when working in areas where there is a possibility of grease or water on the floor. They come in many types, styles and sizes, and the cost is significantly less than the name-brand tennis shoes. Ask your supervisors where you can get the right shoe for the job!
  • Mats & Rugs – Mats help keep grease or water from getting on the floor, and rugs are used in entryways to collect moisture and dirt from shoes. Honeycomb mats are great for dishwashing areas, around ice machines or on cooking lines. Rugs are perfect for breezeways, inside the front door, any public area which accumulates moisture, dirt or grease. It’s important to keep all mats and rugs clean. Rugs should be changed out frequently, especially during snow or rainy weather. Most mats can be cleaned with hot water and degreasing cleanser.

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