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Cyber Suite

Now more than ever, getting the right cyber protection in place is critical for small and mid-size businesses. We've designed comprehensive coverage with multiple layers of insurance defense against the complex, ever-evolving cyber risks that businesses face every day. Our Cyber Suite Coverage includes seven available coverages to help businesses affected by data breaches and cyber attacks, which might include:

  • Data compromise response expense coverage; designed to provide the resources to respond to a breach of personal information.
  • Computer attack coverage; designed to provide resources to respond to a computer attack.
  • Cyber extortion coverage; designed to respond to an extortion threat.
  • Data compromise liability coverage; designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit related to a breach of personal information.
  • Network security liability coverage; designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit alleging a system security failure on your business' part caused damage to a third party.
  • Electronic media liability coverage; designed to provide defense and settlement costs in the event of a suit alleging you/your business infringed on a copyright or trademark, defamed a person or organization or violated a person's right to privacy.
  • Identity recovery coverage; designed to provide owners of the insured business with case management service and financial resources to recover control of their identities after an identity theft.

Our Cyber Suite Coverage is offered as an endorsement through our commercial Businessowners, Contractors and Garageowners products, as well as our General Liability product and Commercial Package. WE CAN HELP Almost all states have enacted laws requiring notification of breaches involving personal information. These laws mandate prompt notification and may impose civil or criminal penalties for failure to promptly disclose the data breach. If a business has customers in more than one state, the business is vulnerable to respond to multiple data breach laws in all states where their customers reside. Additionally, some federal laws, such as HITECH and Red Flag rules, can impact medical risks and risks involved in financial credit. With our Cyber Suite Coverage, you can provide your small- and mid-sized business clients with an effective turnkey solution. ABOUT THE RISKS Virtually all businesses collect personal data on clients, employees and others. Did you know...

  • Small- or mid-sized firms are less equipped to protect private a personal data.
  • Most organizations will experience a personal data breach at some time.
  • Identity thieves target smaller companies since their records are easier to steal.
  • Studies show almost 60 percent of consumers terminated or considered terminating their relationships with businesses that experienced a data breach.
  • It’s the law. Almost all states now have laws requiring notification of security breaches involving personal, non-public information.
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