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We offer a Contractor Businessowners Insurance insurance policy that works for you. Whether you are an electrical, painting, lawn care, plumbing or HVAC specialist, you know accidents can happen. Protect yourself and your business with our broad property and liability coverage. Who Needs It?Contractors insurance is important for any business that works in construction, such as building construction or home improvement. Our Contractor Businessowner policy can help protect you from the risks that come with your job. One And DoneWe like to keep things simple when it comes to great coverage. A single basic policy with built-in flexibility eliminates the need for multiple policies because property and liability are already included. After all, your company's success depends on you to tackle complex, high-stakes projects while balancing income, expense and expecting the unexpected. This coverage also includes Data Compromise CoverageAffordable CoverageFor solid, broad coverage, you'll find the protection you need at the right price with Columbia Insurance group. Your agent can produce a quote in minutes, and they can help you customize a package of coverage for your contracting business. For example, ask your agent about our Business Income Coverage, which is included in your Contractors policy. We include it because we know it is important to be able to pay your team - especially if your business experiences a loss. Ask about supplementing your Contractor Businessowners coverage with:

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