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Loss Control

We work hard to build relationships with our independent insurance agency partners and policyholders to make sure proper loss control measures are taken to mitigate risks. Our personal approach to safety is the key to our loss control staff's ability to recommend the best steps to take in order to keep colleagues and friends safe at work. One resource we use to provide safety information is called Toolbox Topics on Safety. Our loss control team provides meaningful solutions to minimize your exposure to loss. Some of their suggestions and recommendations can be seen reflected throughout the following resources, which have been re-published on our blog.

Our professional team of Loss Control Representatives can provide practical advice to improve your risk as it relates to your insurance coverage. Our dedicated team of educated and experienced professionals bring a wealth of property and casualty knowledge, and we work with clients at no additional cost to help create safe work environments and control losses. Consider our Loss Control team the eyes and ears of underwriting, serving to collect, evaluate and report data upon which an Underwriter may rely to determine a risk’s insurability. We improve your safety results through on-site surveys, identifying loss causation conditions. Some examples include:


Property Assessment—We evaluate our policyholder’s property to, for example, improve construction defects or to help ensure fire hazards are well controlled.


Fleet Assessment—We can assess Department of Transportation compliance and evaluate exposures/controls, which may be causative factors for fleet-related loss.


Work Comp Assessment—We assist in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, assess physical conditions, and conduct training programs that may have the potential for work-related injury


Liability Assessment—We evaluate premise and operational exposures that may result in liability claims.


Our Loss Control Benefits Our clients by helping determine loss control needs and evaluating loss prevention activities. Through suggestions for risk improvement or delivered safety training, our staff will work with you to minimize losses. Our experienced team of Loss Control professionals maintains an understanding of codes, standards, and regulations of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), OSHA, Department of Transportation (DOT) and other agencies or organizations. Additionally, they're aware of and utilize new technologies improve the capability to control or eliminate losses.


Please contact your agent to inquire about this service, which is free to our valued clients.

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