Avoiding Winter Claims: Slip & Fall

Avoiding Winter Claims: Slip & Fall

Be sure to share these simple ways we can keep everyone a little safer this winter. These seven changes can make a big difference for your small business clients and their customers.

Signs: “Caution: Wet Floor” signs alert customers when a floor may be wet due to outdoor conditions.

Mats: Moisture-absorbent mats directly inside your doors reduce the risk of an accident by preventing customers from tracking in moisture.

Salt: Be aware of the weather. If there is a chance of ice or other winter weather, be sure to salt your parking lots and sidewalks. Assess the drainage to be sure water does not flow back onto the walking surface. Any refreezing may create a hazard.

Sand: If there is any rise in a walkway, then sand or similar materials should be used to help a person maintain traction.

Repairs: If your sidewalk or parking lot needs repairs, invest now to ensure a smooth walking surface. Also, make sure appropriate handrails are in place and in good condition for all walkways.

Light: Make sure your sidewalk area and entryway have adequate lighting so customers can see.

Clutter: Keep obstacles out of walkways, entryways and storage shelves to help avoid injury.

These small efforts make a big difference when it comes to safety. Check back for additional tips to share with your clients. To make it even easier, bookmark colinsgrp.com/news.