Featured Agency: Brand & Britt Insurance Agency

Featured Agency: Brand & Britt Insurance Agency

With four locations and 38 employees, Brand & Britt Insurance Agency has come a long way from the basement in which they were founded. Despite their growth, they continue to hold their core values close.

“We are and have always been a family-owned, Christian-run organization,” says Agency
Principal David Britt. “For us, it is as simple as doing the right thing.”

Brand & Britt Insurance Agency began as a single-carrier agency in Britt’s father-in-law’s
basement in 1979. David Britt purchased the agency in 1998 and merged with the well-known community bank Brand Banking Company in 2003. During the financial crisis of 2008, he bought the bank’s half and is now the sole owner.

“We are a bigger agency, but we operate with a community mindset,” Britt says. “Almost all of the business we do is referral-based.” 

One of the agency’s core values is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Living out their slogan, “protecting what’s important to you – it’s important to us,” they believe insurance is more than a policy; it’s a relationship. As a result, their 38-person team is dedicated to building lasting relationships with their clients through personalized service from quoting to risk management to claims processing. 

David Britt says they can build these lasting relationships because they take care of their team first and foremost.

“We have a team mentality in everything we do,” Britt says. “Everything is done at the team level. We couldn’t do what we do without our staff.”

For Britt, caring for his staff means caring for the whole person, not just the employee. So when the hard things happen, he encourages them to step away from work and
focus on their family for as long as they need. The rest of the team is eager to step in. And when a team member makes an error, Britt cares more about how the employee
responds than the mistake. 

“We all make errors,” Britt explains. “Character is how we respond. I trust my staff to have good character.”

As Brand & Britt Insurance Agency has grown their staff and operations, their relationship with Columbia Insurance Group has grown, especially in the past 18 months. 

“What David and his team hold as their core values strongly aligns with what is important to us,” says Michael Portanka, Regional Vice President, Atlanta. “As a carrier of choice it’s
about building and maintaining strong relationships and a commitment to engagement within our community of agent customers. We are able to work together toward solutions
that work out well for both parties. The ability to be accessible and have a conversation has been paramount to our success the past few years.” 

For Brand & Britt, it is also a relationship they enjoy.

“Mike wants us to be successful just like we want Columbia to be successful,” Britt says. “It’s easier to do business with people who want to be successful and think outside the box. Success breeds success.”

After earning Pinnacle Platinum status in 2023, Brand & Britt and Columbia plan to keep building on that success.