Secure Your Business and Client Data

Secure Your Business and Client Data

Many small businesses rely heavily on electronic records for daily operations. From financial transactions to customer data, these business records are crucial to business owners. Therefore, protecting these records – whether electronic or physical – should be a top priority for all businesses. While no protection is fool proof, these steps can help business owners have peace of mind. 

1. Implement Data Back-Up and Recovery Systems

Regularly back up data to secure off-site servers, cloud storage, or external hard drives to safeguard against hardware failures, data corruption, or natural disasters. Be sure to verify your backups through regular testing. 

2. Secure Physical Records

Any physical records should be stored in a secure area with limited, authorized access. Ensure sensitive documents are properly disposed of through shredding or document destruction services. 

3. Strengthen Network Security

Maintain best practices to protect your business from cyber threats. These should include implementing strong passwords and multifactor authentication, regularly updating software, utilizing firewalls, limiting access privileges, and encrypting sensitive data. 

4. Train Employees

Conduct regular training for all employees on identifying and responding to cyber threats. Establish a culture of security consciousness. 

5. Comply with Data Protection Regulations

Familiarize yourself with your area and industry regulations and ensure you are compliant. Be sure to refresh regularly as regulations evolve.

6. Insure Peace of Mind

Ensure your insurance policies protect your business records in case of a loss. Our new Cyber 2.0 Suite can cover your business in the event of a cyber attack. In addition to extensive coverage, you get access to our Risk Management Portal which will help you protect your business records from cyber threats by helping you identify weaknesses, train employees, and remain compliant. Talk to your independent agent today!