Spring Storm Coverage

Spring Storm Coverage

Spring storms can wreak havoc on your small business. Damage from straight-line winds, tornadoes and more are very real threats to the dream you have built.

Reviewing your coverage and checking for gaps now insures peace of mind in any kind of weather. You can also tap into our professional loss control resources to help you reduce risk before a single rain drop falls.

Be Sure to Review Coverages & Amounts for these Categories

Business Personal Property
Outdoor Property & Signs
Equipment & Tools
Leased/Rented Property Damage
Paycheck Protection
Electronic Data, Valuable Records & Accounts Receivable
Personal Effects
Limits Per Locations & Projects
Increased Cost of Construction

Whether it is in the calm or in the chaos, we are here to insure your peace of mind. Should you need us, we will be the financial first responders who are at your door after an emergency. We will help you through what comes next: filing a claim, assessing the damage and rebuilding the business you have spent years making a reality.

With Columbia Insurance Group as your partner in reducing risk, you’ll have the resources you need should the worst happen. Talk with your independent agent to insure your peace of mind today. If you need to find a new agent, use our Agent Finder.