Spring Storms: Help Small Business Clients Prepare

Spring Storms: Help Small Business Clients Prepare

While spring brings warmer temperatures and longer days, it can also bring volatile weather that damages property and interrupts business operations. Although it is impossible to prevent catastrophic weather events, business owners can take steps to protect their businesses.

Physical Location

Storms can bring damaging wind, rain and hail. Minimize your risk for damage with these tips. 

  • Protect your teammates by designating a safe place for employees in case of a catastrophic weather event.
  • Inspect and maintain your building’s roof.
  • Ensure windows are closed and adequately sealed.
  • Close and check seals on all doors, including roll-ups, garage and overhead doors.
  • Protect equipment by installing a backup, surge or lightning protection feature.
  • Maintain landscaping and keep limbs away from the roof and building.
  • Secure any free-standing outdoor items before a storm.
  • Back up your data regularly and securely. 
  • Create a detailed list or, preferably, a video of your business personal property.
Team & Business Operations

In addition to securing your physical property, creating and following a plan can help mitigate losses. 

  • Train your employees on your plan for severe weather, including where the designated safe place is in a catastrophic weather event. 
  • Ensure you have reliable weather alerts.
  • Create a business continuity plan.
  • Maintain an accurate inventory.
Prepare Coverage

When losses occur—from storms or otherwise—having the right insurance coverage is crucial. Make sure to review your policy to understand what it covers and what it doesn’t. If you have questions, contact your independent agent and see if we can insure more peace of mind for you!